Certified Downdraft Hibachi & BBQ Tables

The First UL Certified Downdraft BBQ Table in the USA

Roaster Tech's Smokeless BBQ Table is truly one that our customers love to use. With all of our models being equipped with the Downdraft System, we carry a large variety of models to meet customers' demands.

Just like our Smokeless Hibachi Table, the Smokeless BBQ Tables places a duct underneath the table, pulling the smoke from cooking down and out of the restaurant without bothering people in the room. Therefore no overhead hood will be necessary when installing our tables, allowing restaurants to design their interior freely. Most importantly, the Smokeless Hibachi Table is healthy, safe, economical, and easy to maintain. Smoke will no longer be a health issue for your chefs and your customers. The smell of oily smoke won't bother or stick to clothes anymore. Your customers will be able to truly enjoy dinner in a smoke-free environment.

Exhaust Duct Design

In Total Systems Design, the most important consideration is to have the best and most suitable exhaust duct design for the site in order to achieve optimal performance of the B.B.Q. Tables. Rapid dehydration of the food being grilled and higher losses with the air conditioning will result when and if each B.B.Q. Table is improperly adjusted in respect to Statics, Air Volume, and Air Speed, disregarding the site conditions. However, at Roaster Tech, we will take these considerations seriously when installing Smokeless B.B.Q. Tables in your restaurant.

Furthermore, alignment of the center of the B.B.Q. Table with the center of the Exhaust Duct must be correct and precise in order to position the B.B.Q. Table in the planned locations.

The B.B.Q. Table units are connected to the duct via the "Connection Drum" and the discrepancies in elevation and center point can be eliminated using the built-in spring device within the Drum.

Product Photos

BBQ Table 1 BBQ Table 2 BBQ Table 3 BBQ Table 4

* You can view pictures of restaurants with our Barbeque Tables installed from here.

Pricing & Specifications

Standard Specifications

Natural Gas Propane Gas
Gas Supply Pressure (Max) 10.5" w.c. 13.0" w.c.
Gas Supply Pressure (Min) 4.0" w.c. 11.0" w.c.
Appliance Manifold Pressure 4.0" w.c. 10.0" w.c.

BBQ Table (w/ Formica Plastic Laminated Table Top)

Seating Capacity Table Size Number of Roasters Price
4 People 4'-0" x 3'-0" x 29"1/2 1 Unit(s) $ 3,450
6 People 5'-0" x 3'-0" x 29"1/2 1 Unit(s) $ 3,650
8 People 7'-0" x 3'-0" x 29"1/2 2 Unit(s) $ 6,900

* The price above is the complete unit price.

* All shipping and installation fees will be additionally charged.

* Sales Tax is not included in the price above.

* Duct systems, fire systems, and exhaust fans are not included. Please order from a local licensed company.


Table-Top Material

Granite, Red Oak, Cherry, Maple Plywood,...etc. Additional surcharge may apply. For further information, please refer to our Table Top Materials page or call our office.

What's included when I buy a table from Roaster Tech?

The above prices include Formica (Plastic Laminated Finish) Table Top, Griddle, and Smokeless Hibachi Unit. For Formica Table-Tops, you can choose from a wide variety of color and pattern.

What the price DOES NOT include

Exhaust Duct, Exhaust Fan, and Fire System are not included. Please order to your local licensed construction company. Using our innovative new downdraft system, an overhead hood will no longer be necessary. The Unrestrictive design provides a comfortable and pleasant dining atmosphere! For any questions or concerns about our Smokeless Hibachi Tables, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office, or through the Inquiry Form on our website.

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