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Are you interested in starting a profitable small business? Roaster Tech is currently seeking investors who wishes to become a restaurant owner and operate their own Japanese Restaurant. Having installed our tables in over 200 restaurants nation-wide,

Highly priced (or high standard) restaurants in the United States have been greatly effected since the drastic fall of the economy. In the past 2-3 years, the total number of restaurants have been decreasing continuously, and at the same time is displaying another fact that the number of people who choose to eat outside are decreasing as well. However, Roaster Tech views the current situation as a chance for casually priced restaurants, believing the decreasing restaurants are mainly concentrated on the high standard group.

For quite some time, the well known Hibachi food, also known as Teppan-yaki food, has located itself in the highly priced group in restaurants. Many people use Hibachi Steakhouses as a place to celebrate special occasions or anniversaries. The main concept of our Restaurant Start-up Business is aimed to offer a wide-range of customers the good tasting Hibachi food at a more reasonable price, taking a form of a take-out business instead of placing tables and chairs for customers to stay.

Why start now?

As noted above, the way restaurants exist in the United States is shifting from high standard eat-in restaurants, to more casual and "easy to go to" restaurants. Roaster Tech takes this time as an advantage where the US dollar is valued lower from the economy crisis for our future partners to start taking their first step.

Broken down content of investments will be explained fully as we receive inquiries from interested customers, however we are including funds required for an establishment of a new company as well as fees for support from local lawyers to help you progress the project smoothly. The fund neccesary for establishing a new company (your restaurant) will differ depending on the state where the restaurant will be opened, therefore we request all interested customers to inquire about this issue via phone or contact form to our head office.

Interested investors who reside overseas will be capable of obtaining a Business Owners Visa with investments between 0.5 million USD ~ 1 million USD. Roaster Tech is ready to provide full support to investors who do not have the experience of managing a restaurant with sharing our know-how of restaurant development, and staff training. With the same concept, people who reside in the US and wish to start a small food business can start from 25,000 USD.

For further information, please contact our office using our Contact Form on our website, or via phone to the number address below. Our staff will explain the details and development of this service for you to clearly understand.


Three types of plans available to customers, each of which are flexible to meet your situation.

Hibachi Express Country Style Hibachi Restaurant
Plan A1 Plan B1 Plan C1
A small-scaled restaurant layout which specializes in Express-Style business. Customers will be able to walk in and purchase high quality hibachi food on the go at a reasonable price that cannot be achieved at the standard hibachi restaurant. A medium-scaled restaurant layout where customers will be capable of enjoying both Express-Style and Eat-In services. The interior will separate into 2 areas to offer a comfortable atmosphere for customers who choose to eat-in. A large-scaled restaurant layout which in this case refers to the standard Eat-In style Hibachi Restaurant. All customers will enjoy their meal inside where our Hibachi Tables (TGUZ-08/010) installed.

What's inside the package?

Location Service

Roaster Tech can help you from the very beginning. We'll search and propose the optimal location to open a restaurant, because we know that location plays an important role when it comes to attracting customers.

Construction Planning

Dont spend your time calculating how much everything is going to cost you. Roaster Tech will propose the most affordable plans for constuction and other groundwork.

Restaurant Design

After discussing the design properties in detail with the client, Architects at Roaster Tech will create a layout to get rid of extra hassles.

Human Resources

Human Resources are one of the most important elements to making a restaurant successful. From chefs to waitors/waitresses, Roaster Tech can introduce the right personnel for the right place. Do you already have someone in your kitchen? We can also provide training for the upcoming Hibachi chefs.

And more!

After all, all of the packages offered are here to help each individual customer who wishes to open a restaurant. The purpose is to make the process easier on the owner, therefore each package is highly customizable to meet each owners' situation.

Example Photos

Start-up 1 Start-up 2 Start-up 3 Start-up 4

Express Style Restaurants

Below is a list of restaurants with our Downdraft Express Tables installed. These restaurants are sppecialized mainly in express style services.

Miyabi Jr. Express
508 N. Mcpherson Church Rd., Fayetteville NC 28303
1148 Western Blvd., Jacksonville NC 28546
Yama Express Japan
3101 Fayetteville Rd. #1, Lumberton NC 28358

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