Certified Downdraft Hibachi & BBQ Tables
  • The Downdraft System

    Roaster Tech's Downdraft System is the most efficient way for restaurants to exhaust smoke from the room. No overhead duct is necessary, allowing more space for cutomers and a free interior design.

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  • Smokeless Hibachi Table (TGUZ 08/010)

    Chefs and customers will no longer have to worry about the greasy smoke from cooking! Roaster Tech's Smokeless Hibachi Table runs on low electricity, and will save you time & money!!

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  • Smokeless Barbeque Table

    The electric efficient Smokeless BBQ Table will not only save you money and time, but will also allow you to design your restaurant interior freely from no overhead duct. Suck the smoke down and breathe freely and enjoy the food!

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Hibachi Tables

Healthy, Eco-friendly, and Efficient! Make everyone happy with the one of a kind Downdraft Hibachi Table.

Barbeque Tables

The super-efficient downdraft system allows you to enjoy various foods without suffering from smoke blowing into your face and clothes.

Restaurant Start-ups

Interested in starting your own business? Learn how Roaster Tech can support you to start making profit!

New Restaurants

View restaurants that are planned to or have recently opened which have our smokeless tables installed.

Hear what our clients say about us

"Thanks to the Hibachi Table by Roaster Tech, our restaurant has become clean and easy to maintain. It's actually very difficult to make the place dirty. Best of all, it is wonderful to be able to create a "smoke-free" environment. Cooking has become efficient and overall, the change has been well received by our customers."

Edo Restaurant (Port Chester | Pelham, NY)

"The Smokeless Hibachi Table we purchased from Roaster-Tech is incredible. It has become a great asset to our restaurant. You wouldn't believe the amount of time and money we saved on maintenance fees. Our customers just love the new smoke-free environment. Thank you Roaster-Tech!"

Kabuki Restaurant (Amarillo, TX)

"The Hibachi Table from Roaster-Tech has allowed us to create a more elegant and inviting atmosphere than we ever imagined. A few of our customers have said because there isn't any smoke, they're not concerned about their children's health anymore."

Bari Bari Restaurant (Yorba Linda, CA)

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